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Got Concealed Carry Yet?

by RK Hoffman on 02/19/15

Missouri Concealed Carry law has been in effect since 2004. Since that time there have been thousands of MO citizens who have attended the mandated training, applied and been issued their permits and there have been several changes to the law including the age limit lowering from twenty three to twenty one and now to nineteen.  I’m not going to bore you with all details of the Concealed Carry law but I highly recommend you read it at M.R.S. 571. 

As part of process all applicants must attend the state mandated firearms safety class, commonly referred to as a CCW class. You can read those requirements at M.R.S. 571.111.

There are hundreds of instructors offering CCW classes across Missouri. I found 131 instructors on just one MO gun enthusiast website. Decisions, decisions...

So how do you choose an instructor? Important factors that should be considered are their knowledge and experience level not just as a gun handler but as an instructor. Many are part time/weekend instructors who have only taken a state required NRA one day instructor class in order to qualify.  Other instructors have law enforcement, military experience, are certified law enforcement instructors or have experience legally carrying a handgun and have attended advanced handgun classes. Vetting your CCW Instructor is an important first step.

What else might you get with your class? Many instructors offer discount priced classes, provide .22 caliber handguns and even free meals during the class. You'll have to decide what the class is worth to you

Of course the geographic location and availability of the class will be a deciding factor for you also. 

I'll admit it's a competitive field, so what do we do to stand out in this crowd?

First of all teaching firearms & tactics is what we do full time. If we’re not teaching, we’re training or attending classes. We not only teach the armed citizen lifestyle, we live it. Because of this our CCW class goes well beyond what the state requires and we strive to give a high quality class to our students. Our class size is limited to ten in order to give students more interaction with the instructor. The instructor will draw on his thirty plus years of experience carrying firearms professionally and as an armed citizen to give the students a full understanding of the state required topics, but also situational awareness, mindset, decision making and tactical planning. We believe these subjects are just as important to firearms safety as the four cardinal safety rules. 

We prefer you to bring your own handgun but loaner center fire handguns are available. For safety reasons you may only use ammunition purchased from us in our handguns.  You’ll be introduced to the marksmanship fundamentals. Yes, it’s just an introduction because it is not realistic to believe that someone can become a proficient shooter after only firing forty rounds. We’ll also show you why a CCW class does not prepare you adequately for the reality of an armed encounter and hopefully encourage you to seek more training with us or another qualified instructor.

If you want more than just the basic firearms safety class we welcome you to come train with us. 

See you on the range!!

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