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Let's Roll!

by RK Hoffman on 03/17/14

Can you believe we're already a quarter of the year into 2014? The good news is after a long hard winter it's beginning to look like spring, Illinois is issuing their first CCWs and ammo (other than .22LR) is readily available.

My first Suarez International class of the year in Columbia, MO is coming up next month. If you need a tuneup or are just beginning your journey as a gunfighter CRG-I: Pistol Gunfighting is the class you have to attend. We've added more useful material to the class so you'll literally get more bang for your buck! Sign up at Suarez International.

The first weekend of May I'll be in Great Bend, KS for a full weekend of teaching HCTT classes. Kiowa Gun Club has a nice range for us and Great Bend has plenty of motels and restaurants so come on out and join us for Defensive Pistol Primer on Saturday and Ladies Defensive Pistol Primer on Sunday. Visit our site to register

In mid May I'll be returning to Kansas City to teach CRG-2: Close Range Gunfighting,  This class will take you take you to a whole new level of gunfighting that will include ambidextrous and point shooting as well as being able to shoot and manipulate your handgun while on the move.

I'll say this is a great start to the summer and watch for more Suarez and HCTT classes coming up soon. Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!

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