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"That time of the year"....

by RK Hoffman on 02/17/15

What does it mean for you? Cabin fever, taxes, vacation planning, etc....

Here at HCTT it means a relaunch. 
This past year, in retrospect, was an exciting year of redirection and growth for HCTT. In 2015 we will continue that growth and commitment as a full time professional training business with expanded as well as new classes and increased staff. 

In our excellent Martial Firearms classes we will teach the fundamentals of marksmanship but our focus will be the reality based and tested skills needed by the armed citizen. Because winning is more important than just surviving the fight! For now we will also continue to offer Handgun Introduction and Missouri Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) classes on a limited basis. More on that in the next newsletter.

Handgun Introduction
Missouri Concealed Carry Permit (CCW)
Martial Handgun I  
Martial Handgun II NEW!
Martial Shotgun NEW!
Martial Rifle NEW! 
Ladies' Martial Handgun I  
Ladies' Martial Handgun II NEW!
Armed Citizen's Response to Firearms Related Emergencies NEW!
New Staff: 
Casey Hoffman, Chief Financial Officer, brings 30 years of experience in accounting and business operations.

Greg Natsch, Medical Training Coordinator, has 40 plus years of experience in Emergency Medical Services as an EMT and Paramedic. He also has experience in special weapons & tactics, wilderness medicine and tactical medicine. 

"That time of the year" should include planning for your training schedule.

See you on the range!            


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