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Christmas Sale!

by RK Hoffman on 12/02/13

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More on Illinois CCW

by RK Hoffman on 11/07/13

I've been following what's happening with Illinois CCW on and it's entertaining, interesting and sad all at the same time. 

 The Illinois State Police, ISP, who are regulating the IL CCW (I mean the Concealed Carry License, CCL) have decided to make their own interpretation of the CCL law. From my contact with the ISP in the past that sort of conduct is nothing new. Of course this has the Illinois Carry Association busy putting out fires in the forum while trying to rein the ISP in through their legislature. My hat is off to them for all the hard work they've done and continue to do!

So what effect does all this have on on us here in Missouri? 
It's official at this point that Illinois isn't going to grant reciprocity to any other state. no way, no how is any non-resident going to be permitted to carry legally in Illinois unless they attend the IL CCL class in Illinois. yes, you'll have to go to IL to attend the class because through a loophole in the law ISP is not certifying out of state instructors. The reason is that while a non-resident applying for the CCL isn't required to have the IL Firearm Owner's Identification Card (FOID) non-resident instructors are required to have a FOID, but the only way to obtain a FOID is to be an IL resident! Was that intentional when the law was written? I don't believe so, but the ISP has made that interpretation.

My opinion is that ISP's intent is to not only make it inconvenient for non-residents to obtain a IL CCL, but to make to generate revenue by making it necessary to attend class there.

The good news is that you can get up to 8 hours credit on the 16 hour IL CCL class for your prior approved training. The list is here.

Personally, I don't have any burning desire in my backside to visit Illinois in the foreseeable future unless of course the winds become more favorable there to do some pirating!

Missouri and Illinois CCW Updates

by RK Hoffman on 10/10/13

Missouri: Well we're almost 2 months in to the Sheriffs running the issuance of CCWs. How's that working out for ya? It seems from what I've heard and read the most of the County Sheriffs hare issuing new CCWs and Renewals without many problems other than that the CCW IDs issued are on card stock and may or may not depending on the county be replaced at a later date. 

The state still needs to get the Certificate of Firearms Safety Training Course form updated, the CCW Instructor database set up and a few other things worked out and I believe (yeah I'm being optimistic) it'll all be done by January 1, 2014. 

Illinois: In case you missed it Illinois now has CCW! You can see the details here. The Illinois State Police (ISP) is in the process of approving instructors and curriculum and as all things go in IL when it comes to citizens rights the process is dragging along. 
The bad news is that IL is not going to have reciprocity with any other state, but they'll be happy to take your money for a non-resident CCW if you meet their qualifications. They're also going to certify out of state instructors if they meet their qualifications. 
Currently there is a question of whether MO residents and instructors meet the IL interpretation of the NICS qualification pertaining to mental health commitments. IL's standard of reporting all mental health commitments (violating citizens privacy) includes all voluntary commitments including rehabilitation which is higher than the federal requirement that only requires involuntary and court ordered commitments. If it's decided by ISP that MO fails to meet IL NICS requirement we will most likely be ineligible to apply for a Non Resident CCW. 

Once the dust settles I may consider applying for IL CCW Instructor certification if there is enough interest by Central MO residents. If not, I certainly won't lose any sleep worrying about carrying in IL.

In the meantime...stay frosty and keep training!

CCW Changes (Updated 08/31

by RK Hoffman on 08/20/13

MO SB 75 is just a week out from taking effect on August 28, 2013, but are we ready?

Highlights of the changes in the law that effect obtaining a CCW:
  • No longer will it be necessary to get your CCW Endorsement from the Dept. of Revenue. All you'll need is to take the required documentation to the Sheriff of your county of residence and your CCW Permit will be issued by them once your background check is completed.                                                               
  • Once issued your CCW will be valid now for 5 years instead of 3 years.           
  • CCW students will be required to only fire a minimum 20 training rounds and 20 qualification rounds from both a pistol and a revolver.                                                        
  • There will now be a database maintained by the Sheriffs of all approved CCW Instructors in the state.
To read the full text of the bill go here.

As to my original question "Are we ready?" that really should be "Are they ready?" 
I've been told by reliable sources that the necessary forms and paperwork  have not been received the Sheriff's Offices and the instructor database hasn't been set up yet.

5 working days till the law takes effect and we;re in a wait and see pattern. I have faith in the MO Sheriffs to pull this off so standby for updates next week....

The Sheriffs have received the software and are now issuing computer printed CCW cards. Well, at least some of them are. It seems that some Sheriffs are suspending issuing/renewing CCWs until the official printers arrive in January. Check with your local Sheriff to see where he stands on this. Looking at the law I don't see how they can legally suspend issuing CCWs.

But what do I know? I'm just an old retired cop who escaped the liberal plague sweeping across Colorado to come home to my freedom loving Missouri!

Celebrate Independence Day!

by RK Hoffman on 07/04/13

Happy 4th of July everyone! While we celebrate our freedom with BBQ, beverages and fireworks let's not forget the sacrifices of tge past or present to ensure these freedoms.

God Bless America!!!